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Lavender-Love Products for the lavender lover!

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Affordable hand-made lavender products for homecare.

Here are a some testimonials of clients who have become independent affiliates who love the results they saw from Lavender-Love.  For questions about the products or shipping please contact Lavender-Love directly. Thank you.


"I have eczema on my lips and am currently having a mild flare up :( I was reading last night online that lavender oil is good for treating lip eczema ... I'm real happy I have a lavender citrus lip scrub and lip balm ... used them this morning and my lips are feeling good right now, no burning!"

Heather E.


"Just wanting to say that I LOVE LAVENDER-LOVE! I've tried all sorts of high end brand name face creams and that cannot compare to our face cream. Ours is the bomb! If you haven't checked it out, you should!"
                Hallien Stewart
"Written with permission. 4/19/2013"
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